The Economics Of Happiness

  1. Why do they feel that Capitalism is the reason for Global Warming?
  2. I disagree with the fact that they think that they think that local produce would change anything. Where do you think Macdonalds get it’s meat, farmers. And Nuclear power is one of the most efficient and non lethal to the environment.
  3. I agree that we  should limit our use of coal and oil.
  4. I can make a connection to my life, my parents usually jut get the food from carrefour.
  5. I find it interesting that they think that we should be more like those people, interesting in a in a sarcastic way. If we evolved our nuclear fission techniques we could make the world more advanced.
  6. I think that it’s completely ridiculous that these people would just completely say all of this complete garbage. We get it, and the world could be better if you people could just let it. These people just want to be primitive, and the rest of the world, (being human) could not handle this. They would have a lot of trouble getting used to it. And we would never be able to explore the unexplored.

Algebra Unit

This shows thinker, because I think that it shows thinker because it is hard to show anything else. I think that it is as close as I can get. I chose this because it shows the type of math we do in class.


Raft/Transitions Unit

This design shows creativity, it is supposed to be a kind of farewell transition peace. To show that transitions can have their ups and downs we had a unit about it. I chose this because I enjoyed the creation part. On you can make creative things that would otherwise be horrible.


Math Unit 5

This was a review, pretty much because it was after exhibition and I was pretty tired and my brain was pretty brain-dead. I still did pretty good and I was impressed I still found it easy. I am also pretty glad I didn’t have to long of a vacation. I would have gotten all of them wrong.

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device (5)

Graph replacement

I have to explain this, I used this in my pin-board, because there were no graphs. So instead I used something from a website: Study hacks Website. I was very anxious. And was expecting not to make it in time. Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 14.07.52

Drawing diagrams will help you to visualise information which would be hard to describe. This creates a visual memory in your mind which can be recalled in an exam. You may even be asked to draw or label diagrams such as the human heart in your exam so get practicing!

Action Reflection

This is my Action Reflection:
Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.14.42

Exhibition Overall Reflection

I learned a lot of what I was studying. I was surprised that what I found online like, that people who draw are usually better listeners. I now understand more of how the brain works in terms of imagination and so on, I had to do a lot of studying to find out if the information was valid. I was dumbfounded by the amount of research gone into it.

Formulating questions was pretty easy I feel I developed a lot more skills. Other than formulating questions I was planning every week which has become second nature to me. Time-management was really important, so I had to make sure I got it right and on time, if I were to mess up I would have been definitely done I was doing everything just on time so I was doing not too bad. Organisation was as big a part as time-management and brings me back to planning. I had to be organised to do well in Exhibition.

What worked the most was gluing everything down on time. I was exceptionally nervous I wasn’t going to make the dead line on the pin-board. What didn’t work so well was when I decided to use the paper cutter, it was slanted 90% of the time and I was losing time. So I pretended like it was supposed to be that way. Thinking back I probably could have worked more at home, I spent very little working on it at home. I could make a poster to put across the school, about ways to help boost your education. My action could be sustainable if I challenged each person to tell at least one other person about my action, and for them to do the same. My action went pretty much the same as I suspected the only thing that changed, is that I can now admit it is the truth for most people.

I have developed some pretty useful attitudes. Communication was a definite part, I communicated with my Mentor, friends for advice, and my teacher. There was also a lot thinking most of it was actually just thinking. I was also using reflecting, we were reflecting about almost everything we did.

The impact that Exhibition has had on me was that I should always work my hardest. And that school life is just going to get harder and harder every year. I will take away from this that at school I am going to start doing everything mostly by myself. I would suggest no parent meetings. It was pretty good other than that for me.

Action Reflection

It went great! I have to thank Ms. McQuade for helping me out, I also thought it went well. I was really nervous though, I was kind of scared that they weren’t going to like it. But to my success they loved it! I loved the enthusiasm coming from that class! I am also pleased Ms. McQuade did so much! Thanks to her my action went perfect! I think I did pretty bad, I felt like I was was stuttering way too much. My biggest challenge was that I had to answer all these questions and try to answer them without breaking into a nervous chuckle. I was really appreciative of that the class understood. I think I had them thinking at least, I asked them what they thought about it they said that they thought that drawing and listening is easier then regular, so they think so, it might be right.

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